Film Wednesday Meet at Fosters Grille

New Years Day was a slow Wednesday in Cape Coral Florida. Normally the parking lot is full. Anyways. I had my camera so…

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7 thoughts on “Film Wednesday Meet at Fosters Grille

  1. Man får tacka för dom sköna sommarbilderna.
    Ni ser inte ut att otrivas allt för myckat.

  2. Hey!!! Thanks for thinking about me. I checked it out & I think this is GREAT!!!!! I hope you can keep it going. I enjoyed watching the interviews, instead of reading them, but if I had to read it would have been all right.

  3. Hello over there ! we are 150 people from Big men`s valley (near GNARP ) som tänkte`ta oss över pölen,but we wounder if we can sleap over at your place?we don`t need any large breakfast just some pancakes and syrup,that will be great,wish you good look whith the magazine,see you …….someday. Rock on. M.R.KEAN.

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