Gottfrid’s latest. Step into Christmas

Universal Music brought in a special voice producer and went for the Gottfrid sound.  

Released tonight. No streamlined pop production. No, they went the opposite way.

–  I’m so thankful to Universal. I’m me and sound like me a hundred procent.
A rock record rater than a pop-track.

The mastering, i.e. the last rendering of the sound was made in L.A. by a producer with the best artists on his schedule.

Result: A Gottfrid rocki’n version of Elton Johns song with the singer lifted way  in front of the total sound.

Merry Christmas to every one and Step into Christmas with Gottfrid. 

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Läsa mer sånt här! Du har kommit till motortidningen på nätet Kolla in resten av månadens artiklar.  Här hittar du arkivet med alla tidigare nummer Ha kul!



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