A whole new way of thinking

We would like to give thanks to all the thousands of readers for witty emails and comments. It’s not a small project to startup a new magazine that circulates monthly. Many web magazines only make it to the first issue to then decline. Others get released sporadically when enough material is gathered or is dependent on the mood of the editor. Worldkustom runs with continuity from day one.

Worldkustom runs with continuity from day one and we have now reached its third issue. A one year plan for the year of 2014 has already been laid out and plans for the future are existing as well.

It’s particularly exciting to see that our idea to archive the “real” magazines has been so well received, with enthusiasm even! Especially when websites usually is considered as just a stream of information. Difficult to do a search and impossible to recreate.

Worldkustom is your paper magazine online with a monthly issue and in the future, like a fine bottle of wine, something that you can return to enjoy by date of year with just one click. In addition to this there is a powerful search tool.
– No more crawling through the attic.

Great times for advertisers
This also means a TOTAL overhaul for advertisers. One ad in Worldkustom stays…
– It’s not at all like advertising in a daily newspaper. Gone after the weekend.
It’s not like advertising in a car magazines  that can be thrown away, that gets lost, is lent, that gets forgot, gets destroyed by sunlight and coffee, gets wrinkled, faded or decayed.

Go with the flow

Go with the flow

It’s neither like putting in an ad on a website where it will be pulled if the investment stops in its flow. Your ad in Worldkustom will shine brightly for an eternity from computer screens, phones and iPads because the issues are saved in the archive!
– We have already noted that many of you travel back to the first issue.

One add in Worldkustom doesn’t dissolve into thin air after a weekend or an entire month for that matter. One ad in Worldkustom burns bright until the moon comes falling from the sky.
– A new way of thinking.
Happy advertising folks


Want more stuff like this ! You have entered a free magazine Worldkustom.com Check out the rest of this months articles.  Also the arcive with all the recent issues. Have fun! 


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