1000 The Krantz jacket

THOUSAND KRANTZ jackets are now sold and by that Lasse Söderqvist and Lars-Åke Krantz receives a pass grade from the  car enthusiasts.

Krantzjackan 1000

We thank you for your enthusiasm about the “original jacket ” from about 1954. The origin was Krantzens loan of a leather jacket on elderly housing home in the village. A jacket that knocked him out.


It was in the early 80s when he was invited to play rock and roll in a band where everyone would have the leather jacket. Krantzen had no skinnpaj then.

– I went in jeans jacket all year round, he recalls.


It was a magical experience that, among several other old leather jackets pull on that particular jacket which today goes by the name Krantz jacket and therefore, now sold over 1,000 copies.


Krantz asked if he could buy the jacket and then the uncle gave it away. Then was used it every day for 30 years until it fell apart despite several restorations.

Krantz wrote about it in a column in Bilsport Classic .
-NO It is quite remarkable that one can produce remanufactured metal bodywork Ford 32 but you can not produce a classic, black, smooth leather jacket without destroying it with zippers, rivets and fuzz he wrote.

Lasse Söderqvist on your jacket in Hässelby helped Krantz
Lasse Söderqvist Dinjacka in Hässelby that made racing leathers and pick vests for years approached Krantz who received a precise jacket but the precise pattern, exactly above the collar, and exactly the feed materials as the original.

We might do a few more. Maybe someone feel the same way because they lack the right feeling from the fifties, said Lasse.


In August 2009 was the first.

In August 2009, bought Kalle Cadillac the first Krantz jacket. Krantz Jacket serial number ten.

(Krantz has number 001 and the first nine numbers are ordained for the Krantz family)

It was at the Riverside Cruisers annual meeting in Sandslån where the world’s greatest screeners had once been and wonderful Ångermanälven floated lazily while then spread new competition Krantz Challenge vibrated through the speakers. Donald had with the 2900 motion picture (fair price) slantade and got the serial number 010. The first.

Full throttle  in Krantz Jacket booth at Elmia.


Lasse Söderqvist (längst ner till vänster i gul skjorta) håller högsta klass på jacka och service.


The lady jacket takes off

Six years later, passed in 1000 jackets thanks to damjackorna. At the booth at Elmia 2010 was the fully occupied for four days.

The orders rained into Lasse and we sold from the bed of the project 1959 Apache 4×4 for those who wanted the jacket directly.

Then whirled Eva Börjesson in skirt and high heels, and pulled on a jacket.

Thus the idea was born tilll a jacket and some years later it was a fact after the jacket has been out for consultation to the savvy brides in the hobby.

Today we have sold 950 men’s and 110 women’s jackets, which pushes us well over 1,000 sold jackets.

damj_closeup lovisa publik


Last chance to triple digit jacket


That means that, although we passed the 1000 jackets, the remaining serial numbers for 1000 in the men’s jacket !!! Lasse I think selling serial number about 960 in days.


Call Lasse today and order.


Signering i Falun

The peakers
We receive many buyers who have peaked at the jacket several years. The men have long takeoff. It’s almost July You who ogled since 2012. Now you can become one of the last of a three-digit jacket then the serial number 1000. Take a chance and become history with a Christmas gift to yourself!


Berndt Karlsson  Californien. Jacka serienummer 17.

Berndt Karlsson California.

Refuses to raise the price

We have had the same price in six years. The dollar was 6:40 in 2010. Today it is 8.60.

Skins are traded in dollars but Lasse Krantz refuses to raise the price.

3395: – target price then as now.


The jacket is an institution.


Firms have with the company name on the back.


Shoe Uno has one. Peter Jezewski a. Arne DeSotomannen Nilsson has, Ulf Cadillac Exdream Kusendahl have one, Hub Caps, Memphis Travel, Janne Östlund The Jetaways have one. . . on the Craigs list advertised leather jackets with the words. “It looks like a Krantz Jacket”


Plenty of excited e-mail

Most fun are all happy message of magical experiences with the jacket attached with thanks and praise.

– Now we race to  2000!



Viksjö Food and Nostalgia has 11 new Krantz Jackets for sale over the counter.

The jackets have been around for Krantz bus but as it now is put away for the winter wanted Viksjö Food and Nostalgia “have judgment” of the Holder. There include a collectors item .

Jacket 35 has for some reason been sold. A men’s small to boot with the somewhat unique feed that exists only in a few copies


Otherwise it DinJacka in Hässelby to apply.

Lasse Söderqvist will help you with the works including possible sign if you want it on the jacket. www.dinjacka.se 





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