AMC celebrates 60 years

SWEDEN. Ulf Atterström, founder of the Swedish American/Rambler Society and editor of the club magazine revealed to Worldkustom that AMC is turning 60.

Ulf Atterström  and his

Ulf Atterström and his rare 1967 Rambler Ambassador. 1260 built.

Happy Birthday. Most american cars are around a hundred years. Well here is a fresh brand in AMC. We are happy to announce that the club magazine will be published i Worldkustom in a couple of months.  Until then. Enjoy Ulf’s convertible and this 1965 Marlin. 

Marlin1 Marlin3


And what was this?

A AMC AMX concept car.

Want more stuff like this ! You have entered a free magazine Check out the rest of this months articles.  Also the arcive with all the recent issues. Have fun! 


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