Giant sink hole swallowed eight Corvettes at Bowling Green Museum.

KENTUCKY USA.  A giant  sinkhole was formed  inside  the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky and swallowed eight cars in the middle of the night. by Lars Krantz


In the middle of the night the floor started to give up under eight Corvettes parked in the Museum.  Motion detectors started to go off at 5:44 Wednesday morning local time. Executive Director Wendell Strode said that the  security cameras in the museum caught it all.


Sky Dome
It wasn’t just any place in the museum. It was in the iconic spire called the Sky Dome. The eight  cars that went down into the 40 foot hole to be buried in dirt and gravel were:

  • A 1962 black Corvette
  • A 1984 PPG pace car for the Indy 500
  • A 1992 white 1 millionth-built Corvette
  • A 1993 ruby red 40th anniversary Corvette
  • A 1993 ZR1 Spyder.  A loan from General Motors and a design study that was never built.
  • A 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette, a one-off tuner model.
  • A 2009 white 1.5 millionth-built Corvette.
  • and finally A 2009 ZR1 “Blue Devil”. Also that a  loan from General Motors and a show car for the re-introduction of the ZR1.

Later that day, when engineers had given their permission to enter the area,  the museum personal manage to save the rest of the cars in the Sky Dome, around 20 vehicles.


One exception
One exception was made though. The only surviving example of the year that doesn’t exist, the 1983 Corvette was pulled out earlier.


The Corvette that doesn’t exist.
The new generation C4 Corvettes were supposed be released in 1983 but Chevrolet decided to play it safe and postponed the release of the C4 until 1984. GM built 40 Corvettes in 1983 and crushed all except for one that was given to the Museum.
That 1983 Corvette was saved earlier by the staff, according to  Andrea Hales, communications manager at the Bowling Green Corvette plant.

Watch the cars getting swallowed in the night and a flying camera later hovering over the sinkhole


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