Louise’s Motor Oil

Louise Persson from Sundsvall paints your car behind glass and frame. It started when I found two parked motorcycles talking to each other, says the artist.


The Sundsvall house rises like a surreal backdrop to Disney World. A fantasy house, a fairytale house, a made up  house but it was built in 1865 by a wealthy family. At the gate I almost feel that the candidate pursues fee to enter the draw.

-Come in, said David Sundqvist, musician, music teacher, choir director and all-round talent in the handling of musical instruments.

15On the wall hangs a 28-inch bike and on the table are rusty caps to acetylene- and oxygen tubes that become lanterns. A woman frees herself from her studio, stretching out his hand and says:

13-Hjördis, Berit and Gunvor
-JO-okey? Lars-Åke Krantz, I say.
No, I mean the lanterns says the woman. Everything deserves an identity, a name. They are  called Hjordis, Berit and Gunvor. My name is Louise and from that moment you just have to hold on when the philosophical excursions run slalom in the creative lab.


The cars are looking at the viewer from their elevated positions. I have seen illustrations and paintings and drawings before but these  are alive. They are not abstract. You immediately recognize the make and model year in an unambiguous way, yet.
That perhaps is what separates an image from art is the grease monkey  in me thinking.

10Louise flits through the apartment. She has a dance course in flamenco about an hour and indeed slipped in a short passionate dance steps into the carriage turn away at the threshold to the balcony. There are pictures and sketches and paintings everywhere. The dance teacher plays the piano and violin as well, and paint and have exhibitions.

02But how did this start?  Why am I here, I burst out irritably.
-Hang on.  I went and like pervert-tiptoed at a motorcycle meet in the Vängåvans Park in the town center about a year ago. I like motorcycles rounded shapes and sweeping lines.


Louise, that felt she saw two motorcycles talking to each other, took up a pen and and …..
-And how much is that one mam?
A long leather biker looked over her shoulder from six feet five.
Yeah, that is a 15 bucks, said Louise who put the sketchbook awau  and bounced off to the hamburger stand for a free meal in the sun.


Many motorcycles have been painted since then and many comic strips.  Suddenly, she saw another thing. She could predict what cars belonged to witch owner. Like dogs and their owners. It clicked when she saw a distinguised American car from the fiveties and picked the rigthtlady that later sat down behind the steering wheel.


Today, she paints cars.
It was completely new. A completely different technique, she says, and sends a gratitude given to arts education eternal life drawing sessions. (Proportions, technicians, radii, perspective)

12We drink coffee in a completely normal sofa.

She paints the car directly but it works just as well from photographs.
But I must see the car’s face, she says.
– Face?
-Well front then, she says. Ideally, to be photographed at a 45 degree angle so you can see the front and side.

She picks up a picture featuring my Buick 1950.
Like this, she says.
I am just speechless. The Buick’s  low fat profile in brushstrokes with half fresh chrome just like in real life though … richer.


I do not know what to say. All impressions. The room. The house, the bike on the wall watching me. Hjordis, Berit and Gunvor …

11David sits as an organist at the synth, with fingers ready to start. What is he waiting for?- I want to buy the Buick, I squeak.
-In Can jive, I can jive, roared David in a rock and roll song  with fingers flying over the keys  He has no sound on. Just the rattle from the keyboard is heard.
– Surreal.

The coffee is finished and I drag myself to the triangular hallway, trying to find the right door and mumbles a thank’s.

16The last thing I see is Louise in the hall firing away a Charlie Chaplin salute with such danceable vigor that the  visual perception remains the first two half-stairs as  I’m trying to find my way out.

See more at FB Peace&Louise 
If you send pics you get a painting i return.  You can choose background or make your own fantasy car like Louise has done her own here.

You can reach David at 0046 70 0588717  Louise 0046 73 9192744
Price is 1895 Swedish Krones or 210 euro or 270 dollar.

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