Sweden 1905. Plates required.

New law in Sweden 1905.


New law from july first 1905.  Cars  must have license plates.  Some hundred cars were registered  the first day.

Here’s the model of the year.


License plate Sweden style 1928 . The letter indicated what part of the country the car was registered in (County). N is for Halland i.e. south west of Sweden.

This created many collectors. Youngsters sat at the roadside printing down license plates. High score was to see a car with a distant first letter.

In the capitol  people were honking at slow drivers with a license plate that revieled they came from the boonies.   When the new plates came in 1973 the connection to the County was gone.  No more honking.

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4 thoughts on “Sweden 1905. Plates required.

    1. Ha Ha. Sade man så? Det hade jag ingen aning om. Kul!
      Nu ska jag kolla vad P var för del av Sverige.

      Ha ha really. P farmer. Had do idea about that. Funny. Now I´m go’na check what part of Sweden that was.

      By the way. Here are all letters and their countys.
      Source Wikipedia.

      De ursprungliga länsbokstäverna
      A – Stockholms stad (Stockholms överståthållarskap; t.o.m. 1968)
      AC – Västerbottens län
      B – Stockholms län (utom Stockholms stad, t.o.m. 1968)
      BD – Norrbottens län
      C – Uppsala län
      D – Södermanlands län
      E – Östergötlands län
      F – Jönköpings län
      G – Kronobergs län
      H – Kalmar län
      I – Gotlands län
      K – Blekinge län
      L – Kristianstads län
      M – Malmöhus län
      N – Hallands län
      O – Göteborgs och Bohus län
      P – Älvsborgs län (avskaffat 1997)
      R – Skaraborgs län (avskaffat 1997)
      S – Värmlands län
      T – Örebro län
      U – Västmanlands län
      W – Kopparbergs län (numera Dalarnas län)
      X – Gävleborgs län
      Y – Västernorrlands län
      Z – Jämtlands län

      Efter sammanslagningar används:
      AB – Stockholms län (Stockholm stad inkluderad fr.o.m. 1969)
      M – Skåne län
      O – Västra Götalands län

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