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Paper slopes

It’s no secret that the printed newspaper worldwide is decreasing in sales. They’re still as
good as they used to be. Even better! Pick an old one up and compare. If you
ignore the kick you get out of the pure nostalgia over the fading print, you
actually got fewer pages before with lower resolution, half of that thing was
in black and white and had sales ads with embarrassingly few items.

The magazines have never been this good.
You get more out of everything. More pages, more issues, sharper photos, loads of sales ads and we can pick and choose depending on what mood were in; original, custom, rod, rat or rockabilly.
– It’s more of everything but readers.

Hard work
The editors produce their best work ever in their competition for commerce and we sure enjoy it.. But we don’t subscribe. We surf on the waves of the World Wide Web. We buy sporadically and as a result, the editor’s only choice is to downsize. They drive their writers to deliver more for less to decrease the costs.

kz1Tight for a freebird
I love the hobby, the cars and the people. The response from readers leaves my fingers itching for the camera and the will to tell all and tell now. But for a freebird like me the pages are closing in. The magazines haven’t got the same scope as they used to and the editor’s hasn’t got the finances for it. Which is understandable.
– Ya, ya, guess I have to be my own editor then.
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