Hemi Corvette

Chuck Caddell of Gardendale Texas made this  in the early seventies. Like ot or not he combined two icons of the american car history. The Corvette and the Hemi.


The paint job of that time  was top notch.


Chopping of the windshield and making a roadster was also cool at a time when 1967 Corvette were starting to be just  … well old.


Today it’s another game when we put the 67:s up there.


Let’s say it’s just a  reflection of the time. No less no more. (And don’t tell me you’re not interested in how that sounds)


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2 thoughts on “Hemi Corvette

  1. A few comments on this Hemi Vette from one that was there. I see that it was said, Chuck “had this built”.Let me set the record straight here.Chuck built this car himself,every bit of paint,each bit of fiberglass,through many changes and revisions over the years.He is a superb artist,a wonderful painter,and a true craftsman in every sense of the word.He has done professional Corvette work for me personally on my vettes in the past,he is a very talented guy,a visionary,and a very skilled designer and builder. I am proud to call Chuck a friend.As a young teen,I personally helped Chuck position that hemi into that car in the driveway of his parents home in Odessa,Texas..,years ago.This Corvette is a work of love and art,It was good to see it again!

    Jimmy Ellis,
    Corvette owner,

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