Dead mans hand

FLORIDA. It’ s all about the details. The rod Aces and Eights is true art.  


Joe Guarino sits in the chair relaxed at the car show.  A constant crowd is surrounding his hot rod. We’re waiting for an opening to shoot pics but it never comes.  We give up and start taking pictures anyhow. Joe doesn’t even look our way.
-Guess you’re getting used to it showing a work of art.
We’re not going to comment the pics.  They speak for them selves and the guys that get caught staring knows what’s going on.  Worldkustom just love it.

Click on the pics to expand them . Works always in Worldkustom 


We approached Mr. Guarino and yes, he had built it himself.  He had a custom and rod chop too.  The card behind the oil can looked like this in case you’re hooked . . . .rod10


We spent  some time with the rod enjoying every detail but I have a feeling we didn’t catch it all.  Builds like this tend to haunt you.  What did I miss?  Great job Joe and thank´s for the chat. rod6

The body was pretty ruffly spot welded. On purpose. A look at the bed talked another language. The  guy knows his geometry.





Dead mans hand triggers your fantasy.




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