Bolt-In 9-Inch Rear-end Housing for 1967 – 1972 GM Pickups

Get bulletproof performance and great gear selection for your 1967-72 Chevy or GMC pickup with this new Bolt-In 9-Inch Ford Rearend Housing from Speedway Motors.

ford9_2Speedway’s Bolt-In 9-Inch Ford Rearend Housing for 1967-72 GM Pickup Trucks is engineered to bolt on to the OEM trailing arms in the original location on your GM pickup. By switching over to the popular 9-inch rearend.

GM truck enthusiasts get the benefits of a wider range of gear ratios, easy gear changes due to the drop-out center section, plus the proven performance of this rock-solid rearend platform. The housing is built to provide a 62-inch width (axle face to axle face) with axles installed. Speedway Motors also offers a full selection of 9-inch axles, gears, center sections and brake kits, making it easy to assemble a complete rearend for your truck.


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This Bolt-In 9-Inch Ford Rearend Housing is one of the latest product innovations from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop®, where we’ve made hot rodding safe, fun and affordable for 62 years. Call today toll free at 800.979.0122 or visit us online at

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