Elvis last ride

Elvis Presley went to the dentist 15th of  August 1977 late in the night


This is the last car he drove. It was his  second Stutz Blackhawk.  A 1971 with the most advanced car sound system you could buy for money at that time.


Source : Elvis Presley pictures Australia


Elvis Presley went to the dentist 15th of  August 1977 late in the night. He came back just after midnight  16 August 12:28 AM . This is the last known picture of the King at the gate of Graceland waving at his fans from his 1971 Stutz  Blackhawk. He was found dead four hours later.

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6 thoughts on “Elvis last ride

  1. Elvis, ägda genom åren totalt 4 st Stutz, han gillade bilen starkt. Han ägde och körde även ett flertal Cadillacs och Lincolns. Bland annat så kör han en en Lincoln Mark III -69 i filmen That’s the way it is från 1970. En dokumentärfilm som varje Elvis älskare har sett massor med gånger. Kanske läge att avsätta lite tid och skriva en artikel om Elvis bilar. Kommer kanske under året…..

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