Father and son dragracers

It was a chilly morning when Father and son Fred and Tyler Vinacco undloaded their trailer. Great to see the sport handed over to the next generation. 


For a Swede , this was a startling carriages to drive on public roads. Here , it is no big deal . The Ford F350 come with a trailer and was at a quick jog good just 24 meters long.


Suddenly  a dragster was rolled out … and then another one!


06Fred built his dragster in 1983
-Time for a new one, he said apologetically.





15He runs continuously high fours with his 30 year old machine at Bradenton and Immokales dragstrips .

Sometimes he winns.
4.87 ET, 139.66 MPH





Nowadays his son in his junior dragster makes it a team.


Tyler shows up in the results along with father Frank.


04Today, only an exhibition but the cars are fueled up.

The visitors at the Salvation Army Event  will obviously get an experience later this day .





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