The Krantz Jacket to Bollnas and Elmia

SWEDEN. The Krantz Jacket is a retro jacket that’s reproduced in the exact skin thickness, pattern and seams as we remember them from the fifties.

It is with pleasure that we can announce that Krantz The Jacket will be available for test ordering and instant purchase at Bollnäs Motor Revy April 5 to 6, and at Elmia (Auto Sport Performance & Custom Show) in Hall D.

KzjackaThe jacket has sold over 700 copies since it saw the light of day four years ago.

Since all are tailored jackets, you can get it custom-made.

Also available in a ladies  version since about a year ago

Several companies use the jacket now  to show their own brand

You can of course get any logo in leather or embroidered on the jacket.

It is with pride we have delivered to celebrities like:

Peter Jezewski

Peter Jezewski series number 735.
Memphis Travel series number 521
Custom car builder  Berndt Karlsson in Californien.  Number  17
Mattias Schultz hotrod builder in Germany. Number 11
Editor  in Chief  Magnus Karlsson Bilsport Classic. Number 99
Johnny Valentine lead singer in The Hub Caps Number 538
Janne Östlund lead singer  in The Jetaways. Number 513

The history and background can be found here.

Meet us in the sales solstice and try out your unique jacket with your unique serial number.

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