Turtle Wax forever

Turtle has a new logo?  The brand has been  around for a while. 

The bottle never emptied. During my childhood there was always a little left. Ullånger 1964. In the green glass bottle in the window above the tub was the most expensive luxury that existed. The car wax.

Turtle Wax Logo

Remember that we bathed once a week at the time. Max! In the small cottage was just the essentials. No tractor, no lawn mowers, no tools.

Three cows grazed on arable patch outside the window. Against the wall stood two home-made fishing rods leaning but in  the bathroom was a bottle of car wax. Turtle Wax it read there in the dark green glass bottle which narrowed at the top

A used car had arrived at the farm eventually and it was washed with yellow soap and water. One day it happened. Big brother, who was a sailor, came home with a green bottle. Made in the USA and Chicago, it said on it. In the shadow of the sour apple tree  he waxed the maroon red PV.

turtle old

We had never seen anything like it. The car looked like new. The contents of the bottle were all luxurys utmost luxury.
-Feel said brother and we got to stroke the back of the index finger over the paint. It was soft as silk and glossy.

There was a little so and so with ourselves but the car shined like new. The bottle was high up in the ceiling above the bath in the basement. I almost did not reach it, and under all my childhood and youth it never emptied.

I took little on my moped tank when I was 17. The year was 1974. 10 years had passed. The bottle was still standing in the window above the tub. With a wooden stick I poked  up a little goo from the bottom of the bottle.
-And shiny it went.

In the summer visit Sweden’s biggest car show in geographical terms, Krantz Challenge, nine locations from Trelleborg to Gällivare. Behind me I have Turtle Wax with its new logo and everything.
-It feels right.

Lars Krantz







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