What happened to the Buick?

We have been asked what happened to the Buick? The 1963 LeSabre the chief editor brought to Sweden from Florida in the spring  of 2014 that was for sale. 



Look at that roof line. Excellent trom Buick.

The answer is that it was sold at the auction in Rättvik Sweden during Classic Car Week. Not during the auction itself, but afterwards.


A guy who drove American cars at a very young age came up afterwards and was interested. It was time for a relapse.


The Buick at the auction with the hood open.

After a test ride it was a deal and the next day the  practical work was done at Swedbank in Rättvik and car keys  were handed over to a happy buyer from central Sweden.

buick04The Buick will not be painted but will get a very careful buff during he winter to meet the spring of 2015, with all the history it carries in its lovely patinated metal. Seldom has a car gotten so outstanding color accents between gold , biege and sun tan


Inside was nice and mechanically it left nothing to be desired. We say congratulations to the new owner and the new price. He can sell tomorrow or in ten years with positive results.
– The Buick is money in the bank.


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3 thoughts on “What happened to the Buick?

  1. Vad hände med Buicken… den du fixade under maratonmekning för några år sedan bl a med Samuel Strand?


    1. Hi. Thank´s for your question about the other Buick project. The 1950 Buick. We’re seriously thinking about publishing that series again. From start to finish and the we could also add what happened after. We could acctually add material from the weird fore play how we bought it upstate New York.
      – That was also a thriller.

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